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Stars Over Dulles

Celebrating Stars Over Dulles Gala 2013

Stars Over Dulles Awards Gala 2013 at the Westfields Marriott Washington DullesOn Saturday, March 9, 2013, the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce (DRCC) held its annual Stars Over Dulles Awards Gala at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. The Gala is a formal reception honoring extraordinary businesses and citizens who have helped enhance the economy and quality of life in the Dulles region through their excellent vision and initiatives.

Stars Over Dulles Awards Gala 2013Nearly 400 people gathered at this sold-out event where awards were given to a variety of businesses and local leaders for their continued work and contributions to the Dulles community. Among honorary guests were members from the United Service Organization (USO) of Metropolitan Washington, and Final Salute, an organization devoted to homeless female veterans.

(Top Left to Right) Lauri Swift, DRCC Marketing Director; Bob Kessler and Donna Weyh Roberts, Gala Co-Chairs ; <br /> (Middle) TriVision members, Gala Brand Sponsor ; <br />(Bottom Left to Right) Bob Kessler, Gala Co-Chair; Debra Biely, DRCC Chair; Eileen Curtis, DRCC President; <br />Arsalan Lutfi, DRCC Marketing Committee Chair; Donna Weyh Roberts, Gala Co-Chair The Gala was sponsored by numerous organizations around the area, led by Systems Furniture Gallery as the evening’s title sponsor, as well as TriVision Studios as the Gala’s brand sponsor.

TriVision was the Gala's official Brand Sponsor and one of the Finalists for the Mid-Sized Business of the Year AwardAside from being the brand sponsor, TriVision was selected as one of the three finalists for the Mid-Sized Business Award. TriVision was nominated due to their team’s recent contributions as a new member of the Chamber, which included the rebranding of the "Stars Over Dulles" logo and the design of its new website As DRRC´s Marketing Committee Chair, Arsalan Lutfi, TriVision’s Vice President and Creative Director, played an integral role in the planning and promoting of the Gala.

Amaretto Dance Band and The Olivera Jazz Duo were part of the evening's entertainment.The Gala festivities featured a VIP reception for sponsors, followed by a cocktail reception for all guests, a sit-down full course dinner, and a raft of entertainment from various bands such as the delightful Amaretto Dance Band and The Olivera Jazz Duo. There was also a collection of live and silent auction items to raise money for the USO and Final Salute.

Debra Beily, DRCC Chair; Elaine Rogers, President of USO of Metropolitan Washington (Top); <br />Jaspen Boothe, Founder/President of Final Salute (bottom)The evening proved to be a success and raised a combined amount of $23,150 for USO and $2,500 for Final Salute. The TriVision team is proud to have been part of this spectacular evening and looks forward to working alongside DRCC as a contributing member and sponsor in their future events.

TriVision also provided the official photography of the evening. Please visit to see more photos.


Developing Apps for People on the Move

AppsMobile application development is spreading like wildfire and has captured a major portion of the software development services market. One example is Sqwarebiz, an up-and-coming app development company that produces unique, top quality, progressive apps for people on the move. Mainly targeting the Apple and Android markets, its apps are compatible with almost every phone platform and computer type.

SlyveCurrently, Sqwarebiz has several apps in the works, such as Pushnear, QuasiText, Text Lookup, and its latest app called SLYVE. Available for free on the App Store, SLYVE allows users to create instant chat groups wherever Wi-fi or GSM services are available, be it the local coffee shop or airport terminal. Operating as a secondary emergency alert communication system, SLYVE chat lets users discuss any common interest in real time, from music to sports to celebrity news.

Sqwarebiz WebsiteAside from helping the company with app placement, TriVision has played a vital role in the branding and marketing of Sqwarebiz, from their logo design to web development and web hosting.

For more information, please visit or go to the App Store to download SLYVE for free.

Did You Know

What Your Facebook Likes Say about You


What do your Facebook Likes really say about you? According to a recent study, the pages, posts and public figures you Like on the social networking site can reveal surprisingly accurate information about your political and religious views, drug use, IQ and sexual orientation.

PC - BrainThe study, published by Cambridge University in the journal PNAS, analyzed the digital activity of more than 58,000 Facebook users. Participants volunteered their Likes, demographic profiles and psychometric testing results through an online application; the Likes were then fed into algorithms and verified with the information from profiles and personality tests.

Curly FriesSome highlights included users who liked "thunderstorms" and "curly fry" pages were more likely to have higher IQs than users who liked the Harley Davidson. Those who liked "swimming" were said to be overall satisfied with their lives, whereas users who liked "iPods" were dissatisfied.

If you want to know what your Facebook "Likes" say about you,go to and take the survey.

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What's Trending


InstagramAs storytelling becomes more and more part of marketing, another trend is coming into focus: Brands are becoming more visual. They're using emerging image-driven networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, and they're making compelling visual updates to venerable platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Images create emotional connections and show brands HUMANITY. Businesses that aren't ready for this visual revolution will get left behind.

Images Show Brand HumanityHow can you prepare your brand to benefit from the power of visual content such as photos, slides, infographics, cartoons, and more? What kind of content works best for telling a visual story that packs a punch? And how can inherently “boring” organizations create compelling visual content?

Some Interesting facts:

  • 44% of users are more likely to engage with a brand that posts photos versus other forms of media.
  • There are 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day.
  • Linkedin has bumped Twitter out of the top site as the site where B2B marketers use most to distribute content.

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