QinetiQ North America is a leading solutions and support services company, creating high-end products and services for commercial, government, and military clients. QinetiQ offers a wide range of services and solutions in areas such as transportation, survivability, unmanned systems, maritime solutions, and cyber security. TriVision has been providing video support services for QinetiQ since early 2011 and has produced a series of marketing and corporate videos currently in use by the company.

The Runway Incursion Alerting System or RIAS, is QinetiQ North America’s highly configurable and adaptable aviation safety system. It can be integrated with existing airport surveillance systems to enhance their performance. RIAS continually monitors runways and taxiways and simultaneously alerts pilots and other personnel when more than one “target” is on a runway at the same time. Real-time alerts allow personnel to make more informed decisions about their safety and airport operations.

Marketing Video Solutions: 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

TriVision was presented with the challenge of creating a 5-minute marketing and introductory video that explained the RIAS system and illustrated its capabilities. What made this particular project especially challenging was the conceptual nature of the product. Since much of the sensor equipment is below ground and it’s logistically impractical to videotape RIAS in action at an actual airport facility, TriVision turned to its in-house 3D animation and visual effects team to illustrate how RIAS works. In addition to creating high-impact 3D animation and motion graphics, TriVision provided scriptwriting services, voiceover narration, and consultation. All of this work was done at TriVision’s studio facility in Northern Virginia. 


The RIAS video has been an effective marketing tool for QinetiQ North America, explaining a rather intricate product in a clear, concise, and succinct fashion using modern animation and visual techniques. The RIAS video was one of seven similar marketing and corporate level videos created by TriVision for QinetiQ over the past few years. As a returning client, QinetiQ and TriVision will continue to work together to create additional videos based on their wide range of products and services.