TriVision is a leading, full service agency that develops innovative strategies to achieve powerful and creative marketing and media campaigns for its clients.  We specialize in high-impact, result-oriented, brand marketing communications for ONLINE, EVENT & BROADCAST MEDIA.  At TriVision, we develop creative ideas using the most advanced technology to command the attention of today's savvy customers, extending the reach and buzz of a brand, product or event.

Client: National Geographic in conjunction with the National Gallery of Art |
Duration: May 2008 and February 2010
Type:Strategic Consulting, Graphic Design, Translation Services, Publication, Media Consulting and Event Promotion Services



Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration |
Duration: February 2011 – December 2011
Type: Production Consulting, Scripting, Multi-Location Production, Post Production Editing and Motion Graphics



Client: Symantec |
Challenge: TriVision was contracted to do the Interior Branding of these locations within the existing Symantec brand guidelines.
Solutions: TriVision creative team suggested a well-designed brand environment not only to express the company’s DNA that leaves a lasting impression with prospects and clients but to also offer Symantec’s employees a sense of recruitment, retention, productivity and improve morale.


Pace Global

Client: Pace Global (a Siemens Business) |
Challenge: A global company with need for a brand rejuvenation and a unified yet geographically focused brand penetration efforts.
Solutions: From multi-lingual CMS website and strong online brand conversion to using multi-media video solutions, TriVision was able to provide a complete brand overhaul.

Pace GlobalPace Global


Imagination Learning Center

Client: ImagiNation Learning Center |
Challenge: Rebranding initiatives and complete marketing efforts overhaul
Solutions: TriVision initiated grounds up approach in revitalizing the brand and provided a catchy new name, inspiring logo plus other marketing tools such as a robust, fresh and easy to navigate website, print collaterals, and web videos.

Imagination learning CenterImagination learning Center



Client: CALNET |
Challenge: One of the fastest growing privately held companies in the intelligence analysis, global aviation & security and the information technology consulting services arena, CALNET needed its brand and marketing to catch up with its rapid growth.
Solutions: TriVision’s vast experience and full service capability attributed to a successful rebranding of CALNET which included web design & online marketing solutions and marketing video production.


Motley Fool

Client: The Motley Fool |
Challenge: A multimedia financial services company with over 200 employees, needed to conduct a 12-hour, multi-camera video recording and live webcasting production for Motley Fool’s “Worldwide Invest Better Day”.
Solutions: TriVision was approached, pre-production meetings were held, production crews spread to cities from New York, to LA, Chicago and London, segments produced, live event was conducted in their headquarters in Washington DC and broadcasted around the world. The project was a success.


Client: Smiles at Fairfax Corner |
Challenge: A successful and recognized dentistry practice in Fairfax Virginia, Smiles at Fairfax Corner wanted to shake up its marketing efforts and reboot its brand as it grew to other locations.
Solutions: TriVision stepped in by providing a ‘facelift’ to FC Smiles in creating a new logo, multiple multimedia & video solutions, to include marketing & testimonial videos, plus additional marketing & print collaterals.

FC Smiles


The World Bank

Client: The World Bank |
Challenge: An international financial institution with thousands of employees, The World Bank was in need of rebranding its HR department brand and web portal.
Solutions: TriVision provided logo creation, brand extensions, brand campaign, which included printed banners, posters and an online video promotion of ‘myHR’ portal to bank employees. The campaign was a success!


Qinetiq North America

Client: QinetiQ North America |
Challenge: Create a 3D animated video to illustrate QinetiQ’s highly configurable and adaptable aviation safety system, ‘Runway Incursion Alerting System’ or RIAS.
Solutions: The conceptual paper model was turned into a storyboard, scripted and Trivision’s in-house 3D animation and motion graphic artists brought it to life. The 5 minute marketing became an effective marketing tool for QinetiQ team, explaining a rather intricate product in a clear, concise and succinct fashion using visual techniques.



Client: Chevrolet – General Motors |
Challenge: Chevrolet through its regional marketing team contacted TriVision in order to produce a series of testimonial-style videos that would provide an interactive Chevy experience for potential buyers.
Solutions: The TriVision team met with the client and put together a production plan that included multi-location production and a dedicated team of editors and production crew to complete the project successfully.