Case Study: Calnet, Inc

CALNET, Inc. is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the intelligence analysis, language services, global aviation & security, and the information technology consulting services arena. Since its establishment in 1989, CALNET, Inc. has used Technology and Intelligence Analysis solutions to aid many of the largest government, telecom, financial, public sector, high-tech, and services organizations. CALNET, Inc. provides services world-wide, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and Korea.

Integrated Marketing & Branding Rejuvenation

Scheduled to participate in a conference, the CALNET staff did not have updated marketing collateral to bring with them. This was the catalyst that drove CALNET to contact TriVision in order to revitalize their overall brand aesthetic. After the initial meeting, it was clear that the challenge TriVision faced included creating a corporate identity, as well as an overall stronger marketing agenda and brand message. TriVision’s creative design team not only revamped the CALNET logo, but also designed a fresh website and marketing collateral. CALNET’s website took into consideration their new corporate image and a blue systematic color scheme to match. In addition to the new website, TriVision designed and printed an assortment of marketing materials, such as business cards, folders, flyers, brochures, and exhibit booth displays.

Video Production Solutions

Moreover, TriVision produced a 3-minute marketing video to be used for web and conference presentations; as well as a 90-second condensed version to be used for exhibits and other forms of advertising. The marketing videos employed script development, professional voiceover recordings, 3-D logo animation, as well as motion graphics. Marketing videos are an efficient and effective way to communicate your organization’s story to your audience.

The initial success of these reinvigorated marketing strategies has given way to TriVision’s on-going collaborative work with CALNET, Inc., having them perform numerous multi-dimensional tasks relating to their marketing, brand, website, creative design, video production and custom printing. CALNET’s brand is now more modern, polished and clean, not to mention it clearly speaks to its target audience therefore enhancing the brand’s image to meet its high standards of work ethics.